Our approach

Define the Solution Strategy

Solomo partners with our clients to deliver long term success.  It starts with knowing that solutions are built over time.  They evolve to address ever changing needs and continual prioritization of problems you need to solve.


Our methodology and approach is simple. We start by understanding your goals and objectives and what is blocking you from achieving them. Diagnosing the dallenges leads to the creation of guiding principles that inform us of the right strategy.

The solution strategy is when things get real. What gets implemented and the priority needs to specifically address the challenges, while aligning with the guiding principles.


This approach ensures that the solution that Ls implemented has a tangible and measurable impact on your business and helps you achieve your goals.

Delivering the Solution

After the strategy has been defined, the real work starts. We define the specific requirements of what is to be implemented and begin delivering the functionality. Our solutions comprise CRM, using Salesforce and our unique approach for data integration. CRM requires your enterprise data to be effective.

Defining the User Experience

User experience is everything. Our goal is to implement solutions that require zero training. If a user has to think about what to do next, we have failed.

This means that we start by documenting your team’s Jobs-To-Be-Done and design a user experience for your employees .at is as easy to use the first time they login as it is .e 500. time.

Shaping Your Data to Deliver Insights

Companies are often data-rich but information-poor. Solomo addresses this challenge using our unique and disruptive approach to consolidate, shape, and curate your data for consumption by CRM, analytics tools, and other enterprise applications.

Our solution includes an insights engine that ingests your data from virtually any source, shapes it to narrate the story of your customer, and then curates the data so it can be integrated into Salesforce. Within Salesforce, your team can access the narrative of every one of your customers.






Cloud-based Apps


Web services


Сloud storage

Insights Engine